Celebrating Lives: Orlando's Top Funeral & Cremation Services

At DeGusipe Funeral Home & Crematory, we are committed to honoring life's legacy with the utmost dignity and respect. As a leading Orlando, FL funeral home and cremations provider, we ensure that each ceremony is a personalized tribute that deeply reflects the individual's essence and the memories cherished by loved ones. With our focus firmly on providing dignity, compassion, and respect, we are here to offer support to families, helping them celebrate their loved ones in a way that is both meaningful and personal. Contact us today at (407) 695-2273 to discover how we can assist you in this important time, or to start planning a service that truly honors the memory of your loved one.


Understanding the Essence of Farewell

Orlando, FL funeral home and cremations

We recognize the paramount importance of farewells that are both deeply meaningful and intensely personal at our funeral home and cremations. Rooted in tradition yet tailored to reflect each unique life, our services ensure that every ceremony distinctively honors the individual. Our dedication goes beyond providing services; it is about creating a memorable celebration that deeply resonates with family and friends, crafting a tribute as unique and special as the individual being remembered. This philosophy underscores our commitment to highlighting the singular story of each life and the lasting impact it has made.

Personalizing Services to Honor Every Life in Orlando, FL

Our services are meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of each family, recognizing that every farewell is as distinct as the life it commemorates. Offering a spectrum from time-honored funeral services to various cremation alternatives, we are committed to ensuring each aspect is managed with the highest degree of care and reverence. The significance of traditional funeral and cremation services transcends mere ceremony, providing an essential haven for mourning, reflection, and the celebration of a life richly lived. These services stand as a testament to the individual's journey, allowing loved ones to honor their memory in a manner that truly reflects their unique spirit and contributions.

A Legacy of Care and Compassion

Our unwavering commitment to serving families with funeral home and cremation services goes hand in hand with our embrace of technology and innovation. This strategic approach allows us to meet the evolving needs of our community, ensuring that our offerings remain not only relevant but profoundly personal and meaningful. Our dedicated team stands ready to provide compassionate care, guiding each family through their available options with understanding and empathy. We are here to offer support at every step of the journey, ensuring that every aspect of our service is conducted with respect, dignity, and a profound sense of honoring the lives entrusted to our care. Call us today!

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

What happens at a Catholic funeral?

A Catholic funeral typically includes three main parts: the Vigil (or Wake), the Funeral Mass, and the Committal. The Vigil is a time for relatives and friends to gather, pray, and remember the deceased. The Funeral Mass is a service held in the church, featuring readings from the Bible, prayers, and hymns centered on seeking God's mercy and the hope of resurrection for the departed. The Committal takes place at the burial site, where final prayers are offered as the body or cremated remains are laid to rest.

How do I choose a burial site?

Choosing a burial site usually involves considering several factors, such as family traditions, the deceased's wishes, religious practices, and budget. Many people opt for burial in a cemetery, which can be public or private, religious or non-denominational. It's a good idea to visit potential sites, ask about the services and costs, and think about the location's convenience for family members to visit.

How do I choose the right memorial property?

Choosing the right memorial property involves several considerations. Think about the preferences of the deceased and their family, including the type of memorial they would have wanted. Location is also important, as you'll likely want a place that's accessible for family and friends to visit. Consider the cost and maintenance requirements, as well as any rules and regulations of the cemetery or memorial park. It can be helpful to visit several locations and speak with cemetery staff to understand your options.