Burial & Funeral

All faiths and military veterans are welcome for funeral and burial services.  You can expect our family to treat you with compassion and respect at DeGusipe Funeral Home and Crematory. We are ready to help you with your immediate needs for funeral and burial services.  Our direct burial services start at $2,595. At DeGusipe Funeral Home and Crematory, we perform all services on-site with our own personnel. We do not contract out any services and that is how we provide superior service and value to you. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and thank you for choosing DeGusipe. 

If you need immediate assistance please call us anytime at (407) 695-2273 in the Orlando area, (727) 527-1177 in the St. Petersburg area, or (724) 434-2273 in the Uniontown or Pittsburgh area.

Funeral Services Orlando, FL

 Funeral & Burial Services

Direct burial services start at $2,595. DeGusipe has a variety of products and services available and we can answer questions you have at any time. Call us at 407-695-CARE (2273) or 724-434-2273 and a DeGusipe Funeral Director will assist you with your needs.

If you prefer to send us a email just click here!

Funerals and Cremations St. Petersburg, FL

 Memorial Property & Burial Sites

 There are many options available for memorial property and burial sites. Depending on your wishes and that of your loved one explore what we have. If you have questions please call us at 407-695-CARE (2273) or 724-434-2273and DeGusipe staff member will help you with question. No matter what the question, we are here to help! Click Here to explore options.