Post Hospice PlanningThere is nothing more painful and stressful on any person than seeing your loved one in hospice or transitioning to hospice. At DeGusipe Funeral Home and Crematory, you’ll find that our focus is to ensure your ability to maximize the amount of time and quality of time they have during hospice and decrease unnecessary stress.  This is why if you ask the hospice location or organization you are currently working with about us, you will find they have been working closely with us and have glowing reviews about how we help families.Some of the many stresses during hospice is not knowing what to do after your loved one passes, who to turn to, how to ensure your loved ones wishes are respected and fulfilled, and how to make sure the information is clearly communicated to everyone who should be notified.  We can assist you by phone, online through our form and email. By allowing DeGusipe Funeral Home and Crematory to assist you during this difficult time in hospice, you can be sure that the transition will be seamless thanks to our close relationship with hospice, that no third party will handle your loved ones remains, their wishes will be respected, a plan to communicate and the most affordable, high quality funeral and cremation services.

If you need immediate assistance please call us anytime at (407) 695-2273 in the Orlando area, (727) 527-1177 in the St. Petersburg area, or (724) 434-2273 in the Uniontown or Pittsburgh area.