Cremation Services

When Choosing Cremation Be Sure To Pick A Provider With On-Site Services!

Cremation is a very popular option today for many people. Cremation services combined with a memorial service provide many beautiful options for honoring your loved one's. Memorial services can be held at our facility or at any location of your choice.

Cremation is also cost effective our direct cremation service starts at $995!

Choosing a facility with on-site cremation capability is critical. It insures peace of mind knowing that your loved one's are always being administered to by a DeGusipe professional and not a sub-contractor who you have no relationship with.

For those in the Orlando area, call us at 407-695-2273, (727) 527-1177 in the St Petersburg area, or 724-434-2273 in the Pittsburgh or Uniontown area for answers to questions you may have. To start your arrangements on-line simply click our logo at the bottom of this page.

DeGusipe Funeral Home & Crematory Is Unique When it Comes To Cremation 

·     Higher Standards - Our family philosophy is to set standards for every aspect of cremation that exceed the State requirements as well as those of other cremation providers.

·     Our Crematory - We own and operate our own crematory located at our Maitland facility for the exclusive use of the families we serve. Most providers do not own their own crematory and many outsource the entire process from the transfer and refrigeration to the cremation without ever identifying your loved one.

·     In Our Care - Once your loved one is in our care, they remain in the sanctity of our facility until the urn is returned to you or delivered to the service location.

·     Peace of Mind - We require all of our families to provide a recent, color photograph for a positive means of identification of their loved one. Relying on the types of identification forms from other care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, and the coroner) are not acceptable to us and do not meet our standards of care. Our staff members will positively identify your loved one prior to cremation. Very few, if any, cremation providers in our profession require a positive means of identification as a minimum requirement.

A Meaningful Journey
Cremation Options Catalog 

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