Hello and welcome to our staff page

The DeGusipe team is a group of qualified and licensed Funeral professionals. Many on our staff come from generations in the industry and we all are here to help you the DeGusipe way with "Dignity, Honor & Respect". We are all available anytime you need us. Email or call any of our people below.

Todd DeGusipe
DeGusipe Funeral Home & Crematory "Because You Care" 

Our Valued Staff

Todd M. DeGusipe

Todd M. DeGusipe, Funeral Director

Rebecca Richburg

Rebecca Richburg, Director of Administration & Family Service Counselor

Alesia D Dobson

Alesia D Dobson, Administrative Assistant

Mr David Tone

Mr David Tone, Funeral Director

Mr. Guy Dalton

Mr. Guy Dalton, Funeral Director

Mrs. Ashley Sawyer

Mrs. Ashley Sawyer, Family Service Counselor

Mr. Frank A. Scarlata

Mr. Frank A. Scarlata, Funeral Director

Susan  Espina

Susan Espina, Administrative Assistant

Jack  Cuccia

Jack Cuccia, Support Staff

Frank Perito

Frank Perito, Support Staff

Margie Newman

Margie Newman, Support Staff

Lawana Kish

Lawana Kish

Helen Wilkerson

Helen Wilkerson

Mary Kloepper

Mary Kloepper, Support Staff

Cecilia Rodriguez

Cecilia Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant

Joy Graham

Joy Graham, Administrative Assistant